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100% Natural Soft Hair Bristles & Bamboo Brush Face & Baby Wash Beauty Skin Care Cleansing Exfoliating Massage

$ 16.00 (AUD)

Package Includes: 1 Face Brush
13.5*3.8cm, thickness:2.8cm.

Description: 100% Natural, High-quality Hair Soft Hair Bristles & Bamboo Brush Face & Baby Wash Cleanser Beauty Skin Care Cleansing Exfoliating Massage Portable
*Ultra-soft and flexible, gentle on the delicate skin
*Deeply clean pores, effectively prevent the regeneration blackheads
*Gentle exfoliate and brighten the skin tone

*White boar bristles;
very soft and gentle to the face, it’s ideal for babies skin (avoid using on newborn and baby face and gently rub skin start by trying in an area & see how your baby reacts; same when its skin matures and you introduce it to their face). It results in a healthy, mild, rejuvenating massage and activates a nice blood circulation flow. Premium natural bristles have just the right strength to make the brush durable & allow a mild massage, yet flexible enough to avoid skin irritation
*natural bamboo handle (Phyllostachys pubescens)— Ergonomic wood handle, assuring an easy grip, in moisture & mold-safe bamboo properties, ideal to use in the bathroom for Spa Therapy, on its own or applying your

Featuring: An organic rope strap to hang from, providing a hygienic drying of the brush
Its small size is very practical to carry pack along on trips, holidays, baby bag, handbag, etc

: On babies skin or hair for massaging & applying soap or other products, and face cleanser for mature skin (older than toddlers), for both dry brushing/wet brushing
1:To disinfect & soften the bristles, run the brush under hot water for a few minutes before use, apply facial cleanser, and gently massage the surface area of the face.

2:Natural bristles deep cleansing brush helping penetrate deeper into the skin, for ideal CLEANSING, better REMOVAL OF MAKEUP, OIL, DEAD SKIN & IMPURITIES better than a washcloth and an average scrub, allowing you to get more out of your facial cleanser.

3:BRIGHTEN & PERFECT YOUR COMPLEXION, by massaging and hence activating its radiation & glow, as you’re cleaning. The facial brush gently removes dead skin and minimizes imperfections like fine lines and age spots.

4:All-natural bristles are great for exfoliating your face, and preparing the skin for shaving, making this product just as beneficial for a MALE gift to someone, or yourself- opens hair follicles, raises stubble, and helps to combat ingrown hair
5: for best results, use 3 times a week on average





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