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100% Cotton ‘I Won’t Cry for You. My Mascara is too Expensive’ Black Greek Top

$ 36.00 (AUD)

My-mascara-is-too-expensive-i-wont-cry-for-you-top-sleveless-strap-black-top-zoom-in-web-SLimited Edition
Made in Europe: Greece

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Fashionable Stylish Sleeveless Top

This adorable top is a positive mojo must in a wardrobe. Black and loose fitted, it’s ideal for hiding imperfections on the waist, belly and thighs in a stylish way. With attention to detail, it has a zip embellishment on the back and a glamorous oval shape. Easy to combine with pretty much everything and pretty much speaks for itself.. in a vibrant fuchsia pink quote. Can be worn through the winter with a black, white, grey or fuchsia long sleeve fitted top below.



    Loved it! Thanks for making this available. Will come again! <3

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