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10 Mosaic Mirror Disco Balls Led Colours Lights Battery Operated, 2.10m String

$ 37.50 (AUD)

What you get: 2.10m String of 10 Mosaic Battery Operated Led Disco Ball Lights

Love the disco era and want an innovative and want a fashionably tasteful way to enhance it into the interior decorating of your house? This packet of 10 disco balls in a 2,10m string is ideal to for radiance and vibrance in a surface. Either for a party or as a permanent decoration piece, without the hassle of plugs or requiring plug sockets, you can easily just place anywhere you want, with the flexibility or creating your own personalised interior designs. For example, you can use it alongside a bar or surface, hang it on a wall, place them on a decorative ball, on a display, or anywhere else you can think. Use as mirror disco balls as is, or turn lights on and create a unique romantic or dance atmosphere by turning on it’s light switch and have all colours slowly descending into each other and see the room ambience transformed in beautiful dazzling subtle lights. No need for restoring when not using the Led lights as it makes for a great centrepiece, so release your creativity, get stylish and enjoy the combinations.








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