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Renaissance, Medieval Gothic, World Map Secret Safe Disguised Book Jewelry/ Cash/ Money Bank Box

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money-cash-posh-cadillac-&-jewellery-web-SProduct Information:
Vintage Retro Disguised Book Safe Home Security Cash
Box Lock
Dimensions: 21 cm x 13 cm (x 3.5 cm height)
Material: Wood & Processed Printed Leather 

A one of a kind Renaissance, Medieval, Gothic, World Map Atlas Secret Safe Disguised Book, is this Jewelry Treasure Hidden Security Cash Money Bank Box, in luxurius wood & processed leather printed cover of a latin world map in sepia.
In or out of the book shelf looks like a normal book
Offers an imaginative, stylish and subtle way of hiding valuables
1 Cash Box Safe with magnetic closing for easy access

This Stylish book is the reason why you won’t need to spend hundreds monthly on insuring valuables by only paying a small sum once. Just place among your other books or somewhere on display where it won’t raise suspicion and store anything valuable or… just anything you want to keep well hidden from the eyes of intruders, or even from your room mates and other members of the household. Practical, pleasant to look at and very essential for everyone to use. It has an interior metal sturdy construction and comes with 2 keys in case you’re forgetful of your hiding place or to the chance you lose one, you won’t need to worry as you have a backup one! Use in the house hold, holiday house, office or when staying at a hotel.





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