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Greek Souvenir Set Colorful Glass Evil Eye Car / Key Chain & Pure Olive Soap Bar

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A beautiful gift to yourself or others, is this beautiful set of Mediterranean essence & the freshness of Greece;

a) With attention to detail, this key chain is made of ocean blue & white hand painted evil eye protection glass beads, in the essense of how they were made in ancient Greece, attributing to its traditional protection qualities. Adding to its uniquenes, the main big bead is solely made of glass (colored glass layers are glass). A beautiful unisex set and very convinient for a mens gift, as its look suits it’s purpose. Can be used for the interior decoration for the car for protection & safe driving, hanging from a bag or wallet, or key pendant
Keychain size: Length 14.50cm, max. width: 3.30cm
b) Pure Olive Soap, with the pureness of world famous Greek olives & honey fragrance
Soap Bar Size: 9cm x 5.50cm x 2.50cm

To save buyers excessive shipping, the items are packed separately (as in photo) & can be re-attached together with a knot in the bow when received (as in photos)
Made In Corfu, Greece with Love






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